Engineered Profiles Training Program Featured in Plastics Business

The Engineered Profiles training program was recently featured in Plastics Business for the excellent opportunity it provides associates to advance within the Company. The article highlighted the Company’s commitment to providing a clear and transparent career path for its Extrusion Operators as well as how it plans to continue to expand and improve the training program into the future. The full article can be found by clicking here.

It is the mission of Engineered Profiles to be an irresistible company to not only its customers and community, but also the work force that makes it one of the leading custom profile extruders in the United States. The Company’s focus on the training and development of its associates is just another way the Company succeeds in this mission.

Empowering Employees To Recognize Each Other

Employee of the month and year programs are a common workplace incentive program to inspire everyone to work towards being the best they can be. These types of programs are typically ways that management can recognize outstanding performance in employees. However, management doesn’t always get to see all the outstanding moment every associate has during the typical course of work. That’s why Engineered Profiles took a different approach to their Employee of the Quarter recognition program. The recipients of this award are nominated by the employees themselves.

There have been 8 employees awarded the recognition since the program began in 2017, with 7 nominees in the last quarter alone. Each employee has been from a wide variety of areas in the operational structure of Engineered Profiles. To receive the award someone must be nominated with an explanation as to why they have been nominated. The Employee Engagement Committee then makes a determination for who has gone above and beyond the normal call of duty. During the quarterly company update that employee is recognized by their peers as well as given an award for their outstanding performance. This employee is further recognized on a wall in the cafeteria, which was recently remodeled with added amenities for the benefit of production employees. The program has been an outstanding success.

Engineered Profiles believes that recognizing the work that it takes to get the highest quality parts delivered to the customers on time takes very special people. It is the mission of Engineered Profiles to be an irresistible company to not only its customers and community, but also the work force that makes it one of the leading custom profile extruders in the United States. Making sure we recognize those who do the work is just one way we are succeeding in that mission.

Women Breaking The Mold Panelist

October 23rd Plastics News featured its second Women Breaking The Mold conference. In July of 2017 Engineered Profiles had four associates profiled by Plastics News during its continuing coverage of women in the Plastics Industry. At the Women Breaking The Mold conference held in Chicago Engineered Profiles was fortunate to have Materials Manager Stacey Chatman appear on a special panel for women in leadership positions.

Stacey is the first female manager of African-American descent in the company’s history. She currently leads a team of 25 people who move raw materials and finished goods in the plant, as well as overseeing the internal recycled materials program and managing the blending department. Stacey was joined by Cathy Browne, General Manager at Crowne Poly, as well as Rae Howard the Global Resin Commodity Manager for General Motors. The panel was a wide ranging discussion of leadership as well as an evolving work-space environment. Everyone at Engineered Profiles congratulates Stacey on her excellent appearance on the panel as she and the other women at Engineered Profiles continue to Break The Mold.

Columbus Works Service Award

Engineered Profiles is proud to announce that one of its employees has recently received a one year service award for their participation in the Columbus Works program. The award was presented to Bill at the Fairwood Avenue facility by Beth Gifford, the president and CEO of Columbus Works.


Columbus Works is a non-profit focused on helping Columbus area residents with employment readiness and economic advancement. They partner with companies who pay fair wages and offer benefits to connect them with productive citizens in need of gainful employment. Engineered Profiles takes pride in being able to become a resource for the community and provide opportunities for those in need. In addition to Columbus Works, Engineered Profiles has partnered with many organizations including TAPP, The Urban League, and The Franklin County Board of Commissioners to provide jobs for those in need. This service award is another milestone in Engineered Profiles mission to become an irresistible company not just to its customers but also to the community at large.

Light Weight Parts

Today’s world demands lighter parts that can make the difference in the performance of your products. Consumer products can use a lighter part for a more ergonomic experience. Automotive products allow lighter parts to make a more fuel efficient machine. Building products benefit from light weight parts for a more cost effective component. Plastics are a fantastic way to light weight your components with exciting technologies. Let’s look at foam and multi-hollow profiles.

One of the most efficient ways to remove weight from a part is to remove material. Developing a part with strategic cavities inside it allows designers to significantly reduce the weight of whatever component will be going into the finished product. Finding an custom profile extrusion manufacturer who has experience with multi-hollow profiles, like Engineered Profiles, is an important part of making sure the final product is a high quality component.

Alternatively foaming plastic is an excellent way to maintain structural characteristics while reducing the density of a profile. In a foam extrusion, gas is introduced into the polymer in a variety of ways creating a cellular structure throughout the product. Tiny gas bubbles are distributed evenly reducing the total quantity of polymer in the final component.

Both technologies can be combined with a wide variety of other extrusion technologies such as co-extrusion or composite materials. The result is a light weight component that can meet the complex requirements of the current market place.

2018 HR Excellence Awards

Engineered Profiles is proud to announce that our Vice President of Workforce Development, Brad Lamone, was named a finalist in the HR Excellence Awards from Columbus CEO Magazine. Brad was chosen as a finalist in the Innovation division of the awards. Brad’s work with his team to improve employee retention, alternative labor sources, and develop a training program for new operators has lead to excellent gains in quality, profitability, and efficiency here at Engineered Profiles. Everyone at EP is proud of the work that Brad Lamone has done, and is thrilled with this honor in recognition of his efforts. You can read more about the award nominees and the excellent work they have all done by clicking here.

The Best Parts Require The Best Tools

Talk to any craftsman and they will tell you that their finished product is hard work, practice, and making sure you have the right tool for the job. Producing finished components for an OEM is no different. That’s why designers and tool makers at Engineered Profiles strive to make the very best extrusion equipment in the business. From the die all the way to the downstream equipment, every piece of the tooling package is carefully crafted to produce high quality components.

A profile extrusion is more than just a stick of plastic. It is the sum output of a die, calibration equipment, cooling components, cutting devices, and in line fabrication processes. The die itself can be made up of a number of different plates all cut specifically to ensure the material stream that flows from the barrel of the extruder into a shape close to that of the final product. Ones the material flows through the heated die it passes through calibration equipment known as sizing that holds the shape of the part while it cools to a solid form. The sizing must be machined perfectly to account for the final shape and tolerances of the extrusion once it has completely cooled and cured. Finally any additional processes such as holes, notches, inkjet labeling, end fabrications and a variety of other adjustments to the part must be considered for automation before the final pieces are checked for quality and packaged up for delivery to the customer. Using high quality well designed tools allows for cost savings to the customers because the parts can be run more efficiently as well as more predictably.

When choosing a component supplier selecting a partner with a tool shop able to build and maintain the best equipment should be a key factor in your decision making process. Having both designers and tool makers on staff is an important part of the equation to make sure everyone involved from product design to actual component manufacture is on the same page. Engineered Profiles is proud to employ talented design professionals who work with experienced machinists to operate the best extrusion tooling possible to our production floor. Contact Engineered Profiles today to find out more about how we can custom design a tooling package to deliver the best components for your final product.

AZEK® Building Products Announces New White Color for its DrySpace™ System

What follows below is a re-print of a press release put out on June 20th 2018 by AZEK® Building Products.

AZEK® Building Products Announces New White Color for its DrySpace System

SKOKIE, IL —AZEK® Building Products, No. 1 in premium decking, has introduced its DrySpace system in White to lighten and brighten that dead space under the deck and keep the area dry.  Ideal for second-story decks, AZEK’s DrySpace is an under-deck water management system that captures and diverts water after it passes between the deck boards.

AZEK has listened to homeowner frustrations about not being able to use that valuable under-deck space and presents an innovative solution that keeps everything dry.  With DrySpace, homeowners can double their outdoor living space and protect their belongings from moisture, mold and mildew.  DrySpace is available in  new White, joining the original Bone color.  The new white color was developed to meet demand for a DrySpace product that matches AZEK Trim, often used as fascia or deck trim.  Both colors are designed to improve the aesthetic of the area under the deck, which is often a wasted or unsightly space.

“By diverting water away from the space below the deck, homeowners can essentially make two spaces from one, maximizing the opportunity for storage or outdoor living,” said David Justice, product manager for AZEK Building Products. “It also provides the opportunity to harvest rainwater from a gutter or downspout to save on outdoor watering.”

DrySpace is easily installed with new decks, or can be retrofitted under existing decks, and finishes the under-deck look with a crisp, clean aesthetic. It is made of solid extruded vinyl for maximum strength, durability and weather resistance, and comes with a 25-year limited warranty.

The system is compatible with both AZEK and TimberTech Decking. Kits are available for 12” on-center spans in 12’ lengths and 16” on-center spans in 12’ and 16’ lengths.

AZEK is dedicated to delivering a full offering of premium decking and accessory products. For more information about the DrySpace system click here.

#  #  #


DrySpace™ system is manufactured for AZEK by Engineered Profiles, LLC. Engineered Profiles’ use of the mark DrySpace™ is with consent of DrySpace Inc., in Columbus, Ohio. Engineered Profiles and DrySpace Inc. are not affiliated in any way. Neither company warrants the good or services of the other.

About AZEK® Building Products:

AZEK Building Products is a leader in the development of premium, low maintenance exterior building products. Available to a worldwide audience, its product lines span AZEK Trim, Deck, Rail, Moulding, Porch and Pavers as well as capped wood composite Decking and Railing under the TimberTech brand. Both brands, synonymous with quality, style and innovation, are made in America and lead their market areas by continually reinventing product lines and redefining product categories. For more information about AZEK, visit For more information on TimberTech, visit or call 1-877-ASK AZEK.

Engineered Profiles is interested in becoming your manufacturing and supply chain partner. Please reach out to us today to find out how we can make better profiles so you can make a better product.

Non-Contact Measurement – More Precision Through Hands Off Approach

Non Contact measurementIn the demanding world of manufacturing; how you measure your parts can be one of the most challenging opportunities to overcome.  There are dozens of different ways to measure the same part and if the results are not consistent, your parts may not interact well with parts from another supplier.  Improving the accuracy of your measurement systems can lead to better quality and improved efficiency.  That’s why Engineered Profiles uses incredibly precise non-contact measurement systems.

Contact measurement systems can be imprecise at best. Rollers slip, rulers are subject to interpretation, calipers can move the openings they are trying to measure.  Even digital gauges can be thrown off by trimmings.  When the tolerance required makes the difference between a part working or not, a better way to measure is required.

The most important part of any measurement process is not just the reliability, but the repeat-ability.  In a manufacturing process no one measures anything once.  Identical versions of a part must be measured hundreds and sometimes even thousands of times, often in a period of hours or minutes.  A non-contact measurement system can take the same reading in a reliable and consistent manner free from human error.  Even generally accurate measurement instruments such as calipers are subject to different interpretations of the measurements by different users.  Non-contact measurement systems such as camera systems and laser measurement tools can quickly and accurately measure parts the same way in a demonstrably repeatable fashion.  This remove any questions regarding the exact dimensions of a part.

Perhaps one of the most significant benefit these tools is the accumulation of data.  With the types of non-contact measurement systems Engineered Profiles has installed we can collect data for millions of parts.  This allows operators and quality engineers to identify trends and correct them before a quality issue leaves the factory.

Engineered Profiles is moving forward implementing additional non-contact measurement solutions every day.  We believe that this these systems provide a huge value add for our customers.  Non-contact measurement is the best way to bring greater precision through a hands off approach.

Employee Engagement Leads To Cafeteria Remodel

Employee engagement is a serious area of focus at Engineered Profiles (we recently won an award for it). Without our work force we couldn’t deliver high quality parts to our customers. While pay and benefits are excellent ways to attract high quality associates, the environment they work in can have a lot to do with asassociate retention rate. Engineered Profiles prides itself in operating a safe environment. Recently changes have been made to improve the creature comforts in our production environment. Engineered Profiles has completed a remodel of its main cafeteria lounge.

A core component of Engineered Profiles’ Employee Engagement program is the EP4ME committee. This is a group of dedicated associates from many areas of the plant who focus on discussing and resolving plant concerns, plan and execute employee engagement events, as well as connect the front office to the manufacturing groups. They are responsible for everything from the company holiday party to handing out free car washes and organizing fun events like a dunk tank for charity. The committee noticed that the main cafeteria lounge area that everyone takes breaks in during the day was looking a little worse for wear. Local designers and contractors were invited to bid on a refresh.

The redesign was more than a few coats of paint. The cafeteria was taken down to the studs. New tables, chairs, and entertainment options were accompanied by a new selection of menu options for the in-house cafeteria. Construction was completed earlier this year and the updated area is being enjoyed by all. The updated cafeteria lounge is just another way the Engineered Profiles strives to become irresistible not just to its customers but also the associates who manufacture the high quality parts EP is known for.