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The Best Parts Require The Best Tools

27 July 2018- 11 min read


Talk to any craftsman and they will tell you that their finished product is hard work, practice, and making sure you have the right tool for the job. Producing finished components for an OEM is no different. 

That’s why designers and tool makers at Engineered Profiles strive to make the very best extrusion equipment in the business. From the die all the way to the downstream equipment, every piece of the tooling package is carefully crafted to produce high quality components.

A profile extrusion is more than just a stick of plastic. It is the sum output of a die, calibration equipment, cooling components, cutting devices, and in line fabrication processes. The die itself can be made up of a number of different plates all cut specifically to ensure the material stream that flows from the barrel of the extruder into a shape close to that of the final product. Ones the material flows through the heated die it passes through calibration equipment known as sizing that holds the shape of the part while it cools to a solid form. The sizing must be machined perfectly to account for the final shape and tolerances of the extrusion once it has completely cooled and cured. Finally any additional processes such as holes, notches, inkjet labeling, end fabrications and a variety of other adjustments to the part must be considered for automation before the final pieces are checked for quality and packaged up for delivery to the customer. Using high quality well designed tools allows for cost savings to the customers because the parts can be run more efficiently as well as more predictably.

When choosing a component supplier selecting a partner with a tool shop able to build and maintain the best equipment should be a key factor in your decision making process. Having both designers and tool makers on staff is an important part of the equation to make sure everyone involved from product design to actual component manufacture is on the same page. Engineered Profiles is proud to employ talented design professionals who work with experienced machinists to operate the best extrusion tooling possible to our production floor. Contact Engineered Profiles today to find out more about how we can custom design a tooling package to deliver the best components for your final product.