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Engineering Case Studies

We've had the privilege of working with many outstanding companies on some of their most crucial, challenging, and game-changing projects. Below are industrial engineering case studies with solutions that we hope will strike a chord or spark an idea. Either way, we're ready to help–even if your situation is truly unique!

Rapid Prototyping

A customer required a specific profile that had never been purchased or produced before. The challenge was to design a new part, prove it out, and develop a tool in time for a major industry trade show...

Part Redesign

The Spraydown aero guard system increases fuel efficiency and visibility for drivers in the heavy duty trucking industry. With 150 individual components to assemble by hand, production was complex, costly, and time-consuming...


Supply Chain Engineering

With a vast number of SKUs, strict lean inventory requirements, and ongoing order updates, a customer needed exceptional flexibility and strong fulfillment guarantees for critical components...  

Tight Tolerance

In medical device manufacturing, precision impacts more than part quality--it can be a matter of life and death for the patients who depend on accurate diagnoses and treatment...

Aesthetic Perfection

A leading manufacturer of mobile and pre-fab homes wanted to improve drop ceiling dividers to better match textured panels, a request seemingly impossible with standard extrusions...  

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