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For more than seven decades, a robust in-house tooling department has been the cornerstone of our development and continuous improvement efforts. Today, our experienced tooling specialists and world-class technology make the department best-in-class. With an average tenure of 18 years, our tooling team members design, build, test, and improve tools through a perfect marriage of engineering expertise, personal insight, and proven best practices.


In-House Tooling

A dedicated, in-house tooling department means no third-party contractors will be involved in developing your part. Our engineers will work with your team to design parts to your exact specifications. Skilled designers then translate those specifications into sophisticated extrusion tooling built, developed, and maintained onsite, right where your parts will be produced.


Engineered Profiles uses technology to make our tooling process more science than art. Our engineering teams employ state-of-the-art plastic flow simulation software to accurately predict how polymers will behave during the extrusion process. This allows us to create sample parts faster and deliver consistent precision and quality once a project moves into production.


Rapid Prototype Development

The time between quote and part is critical for customers who have a tight deadline. Engineered Profiles development teams use sophisticated computer modeling and 3D printing for prototype development. Accelerated prototyping makes it possible to confirm concepts and validate designs quickly before committing to full production.

The Proof is in the Partnership

We're proud to partner with some of the most innovative, successful leaders in a wide range of industries.

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