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Tight Tolerance


The Challenge


The medical industry requires that components be made using extremely tight tolerances because people’s lives depend on the results. Even something as simple as a bracket to hold trays needs to be manufactured with exacting specifications. A company that manufactures medical diagnostic devices required a bracket to hold its trays in precise position to ensure the accuracy of it’s testing. Every piece required precise cuts on both ends as well as in the middle of the part. To put these cuts in after they had come off the production line could have been done, but it would have been extremely labor intensive and costly. The best option for both the customer and the manufacturer is to make these cuts inline.


The Solution


Engineered Profiles has long prided itself in being able to provide precise cutting, but this part required the highest level of precision. By using precision non-contact measuring equipment Engineered Profiles production staff were able to dial in the cuts to a precision level of one-thousandth of an inch. Thanks to complex mathematical algorithms, sophisticated measuring, and cutting equipment the delicate cuts were able to be made during the manufacturing process. This lead to a reduction in cost and increased quality control standards that the medical industry required.


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