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The Challenge


A major manufacturer of mobile and pre-fabricated homes wanted to redesign the parts in their drop ceiling so that the dividers would blend into the ceiling panels. Engineered Profiles stepped up to the plate and created a never-before-seen texturing process. Applying a spray texture to a plastic extrusion is difficult to do because of the nature of extrusion. In addition, the type of material required to match the texture on the profile to the panels used for the ceiling needs a proper surface to adhere to. Applying this texture evenly in a production environment would be a difficult task.


The Solution


Engineered Profiles sent a representative to the original manufacturer of the ceiling texture to find out all we could about this type of texturization process. Normally a texture is applied to an extrusion through embossing, or creating depressions to give the illusion of texture. In this case, Engineered Profiles created an inline process that applied a three-dimensional texture to the profile that allowed it to blend in with the drop ceiling.


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