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Energy Efficiency Progress

31 January 2018- 6 min read

Efficiency is something companies all over the world strive for. The more efficient your operation the better you can serve your customers. Engineered Profiles frequently looks internally to improve practices and processes in an effort to become the most efficient plastics processor we can be. 

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Smart 50 Business Award

27 September 2017- 3 min read

Engineered Profiles congratulates our President, Mike Davis, on being honored as one of this year’s Smart 50 business leaders.  Each year Smart Business Magazine celebrates a diverse group of leaders throughout the Columbus area. 

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Supply Chain Partnerships Make Better Brands

28 August 2017- 9 min read

A supply chain is a fragile ecosystem that is the lifeblood of any manufacturing organization.  The larger a company becomes the more complex and important that supply chain becomes as well.  A supply chain partner that can rise to the challenge makes the difference between becoming a trusted brand and another empty spot on the shelf.

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Women Breaking The Mold

21 July 2017- 6 min read

Every year for more than a decade Plastics News has done a special report on women in the plastics processing industry. This marks the third year that they have profiled individuals who make important contributions to the field and have so far reported on 74 women.

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Adam Wachter CFO of The Year Finalist

10 July 2017- 3 min read

Congratulations to Adam Wachter for being one of four finalists for the Plastics News CFO of the Year award.  Adam joined Engineered Profiles in 2013 as the CFO.

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Continuous Energy Improvement

28 June 2017- 8 min read

When running a manufacturing company the cost of raw material is usually the first thing on a person’s mind.  The cost of energy is almost always an afterthought.

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Why You Should Replace Wood With Custom PVC Extrusions

31 May 2017- 7 min read

Wood is everywhere, it’s a cheap renewable resource that humans have relied on for centuries.  That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best material for the job.  

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Quality Plastic Extrusion Operations in the Modern Era

26 April 2017- 11 min read

Having a robust Quality process is a key part of being a plastics manufacturer for customers with a high cost of failure in their supply chain.  Consistently producing complex profiles requires a Quality process that is simple yet thorough.  

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Engineered Profiles Wins Plastics News Excellence Award

31 March 2017- 4 min read

Engineered Profiles is honored to be this year’s recipient of the Plastics News Employee Relations Excellence Award.  The announcement was made at a dinner during the Plastics News Executive Forum conference in Naples Florida.  

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Material Conveyance – Little Details Make A Big Difference

27 March 2017- 8 min read

Attention to detail is one of the things that separates good polymer processors from great polymer processors.  An intense focus on the tooling and quality programs is only one part of making the best products for customers that require their vendors to go above and beyond traditional supply chain dynamics.  

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Caring For Tools – Cleanliness Equals Greater Quality

22 February 2017- 12 min read

The care and cleaning of tools in a custom plastic extrusion manufacturing operation is a very precise operation undertaken to keep quality consistent.  Having the right tools and the right people make this possible.  

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Warehouse Efficiency Project

19 January 2017- 11 min read

A Study In Finished Goods Management

A warehouse can be a surprising environment for any manufacturing organization.  With the modern conveniences of scanning, computerized item tracking, and inventory management software; the physical organization of a warehouse can quickly get overlooked.  

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Safety As A Priority

18 July 2016- 10 min read

Cut Resistant Gloves Are Just The Start

Safety is a huge priority at Engineered Profiles.  Every year we strive to reduce injuries on our production floor. 

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Engineered Profiles Recieves Grant To Create 114 New Jobs

25 May 2016- 15 min read

This morning, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners approved a grant from its People Works Program to Engineered Profiles, LLC. The $142,500 agreement will pay for a portion of the training costs associated with hiring 114 new employees over three years to support the company’s growth on the South Side of Columbus. 

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Recycling PVC

18 May 2016- 7 min read

The plastics industry often gets a bad name in regards to the environment.  Every other day there seems to be an article published about how much plastic is ending up in landfills, or simply dumped in the ocean to the detriment of our environment.  

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