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Energy Efficiency Update

31 January 2018- 8 min read


Efficiency is something companies all over the world strive for. The more efficient your operation the better you can serve your customers. Engineered Profiles frequently looks internally to improve practices and processes in an effort to become the most efficient plastics processor we can be. 

However, working with third parties can help to identify areas of improvement with their specialty can occasionally produce amazing results. Engineered Profiles is proud of the work we have done with AEP on energy efficiency, and over the past six months have successfully implemented efficiency changes to save more than 285 tons of C02 emissions, and are on track to save more than 490 tons annually.

Engineered Profiles welcomed specialists from American Electric Power into their plant during 2017 to take a look at how we utilized our power supply. AEP worked with plant engineers to identify simple cost savings (like automatic lights) as well as more complex strategies involving the facility and production equipment. The amount of energy saved per year is the equivalent to taking 103 cars off the road, or the same as the C02 generation of 52 single-family homes.

Engineered Profiles was the 5th company to join the AEP power efficiency program. The 18 month process that lead to this dramatic improvement in energy efficiency included the development of an energy profile for how energy was used in the facility. The continuous energy improvement process has been an enlightening exercise for Engineered Profiles, and has helped us to become better environmental stewards as well as a more efficient manufacturer.