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Material Conveyance – Little Details Make A Big Difference

27 March 2017- 10 min read


Attention to detail is one of the things that separates good polymer processors from great polymer processors.  An intense focus on the tooling and quality programs is only one part of making the best products for customers that require their vendors to go above and beyond traditional supply chain dynamics.  

Converting raw material is the end result, but getting that material to the machines for conversion is one of the secrets to improving efficiency in a manufacturing plant.  To that end Engineered Profiles has devoted considerable time and resources in making sure the right material gets to the right place at the right time.

A custom shop requires a custom solution when it comes to material conveyance.  While there are standard models of transferring raw materials from silos and warehouses to extrusion lines, those didn’t fit the rapid turn arounds and custom requirements Engineered Profiles jobs needed to maximize efficiency.  A brand new system was designed from the ground up, catering to the diverse mix of recycled and virgin plastics that are processed by the twin and single screw.  New piping was installed to reduce maintenance time and improve material flow.  Loaders were installed on custom stands to accept material bins designed to make moving several thousand pounds of compound easier and safer for material handling associates.  The new system was developed with the ability to switch from loading boxes to direct feeding a production line in seconds so good product can be manufactured even faster.  Silos were upgraded to make material storage more secure and convert existing storage space into an asset that aided in the efficiency of the new material conveyance system and reduced the possibility of cross material contamination.

All told, Engineered Profiles spent three-quarters of a million dollars to build a new material handling system that benefits the customer; by allowing Engineered Profiles associates to more safely and efficiently transport materials.  Providing the highest quality parts is more than just examining what comes out of the machine.  It starts at the source of the materials themselves.  It is small details like this that allows Engineered Profiles to produce custom profile plastic extrusions of the highest quality.