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Non-Contact Measurement – More Precision Through Hands Off Approach

23 May 2018- 10 min read


In the demanding world of manufacturing; how you measure your parts can be one of the most challenging opportunities to overcome.  There are dozens of different ways to measure the same part and if the results are not consistent, your parts may not interact well with parts from another supplier.  

Improving the accuracy of your measurement systems can lead to better quality and improved efficiency.  That’s why Engineered Profiles uses incredibly precise non-contact measurement systems.

Contact measurement systems can be imprecise at best. Rollers slip, rulers are subject to interpretation, calipers can move the openings they are trying to measure.  Even digital gauges can be thrown off by trimmings.  When the tolerance required makes the difference between a part working or not, a better way to measure is required.

The most important part of any measurement process is not just the reliability, but the repeat-ability.  In a manufacturing process no one measures anything once.  Identical versions of a part must be measured hundreds and sometimes even thousands of times, often in a period of hours or minutes.  A non-contact measurement system can take the same reading in a reliable and consistent manner free from human error.  Even generally accurate measurement instruments such as calipers are subject to different interpretations of the measurements by different users.  Non-contact measurement systems such as camera systems and laser measurement tools can quickly and accurately measure parts the same way in a demonstrably repeatable fashion.  This remove any questions regarding the exact dimensions of a part.

Perhaps one of the most significant benefit these tools is the accumulation of data.  With the types of non-contact measurement systems Engineered Profiles has installed we can collect data for millions of parts.  This allows operators and quality engineers to identify trends and correct them before a quality issue leaves the factory.

Engineered Profiles is moving forward implementing additional non-contact measurement solutions every day.  We believe that this these systems provide a huge value add for our customers.  Non-contact measurement is the best way to bring greater precision through a hands off approach.