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South Side Income Mobility Work Group

16 March 2018- 7 min read


Columbus’ south side has and continues to be a beacon of opportunity and yet, like many urban neighborhoods, is facing several challenges.  To improve the lives and well-being for our residents, South Side Thrive Collaborative (SSTC) has been formed with the goal of integrating and strengthening the many efforts, programs, and initiatives occurring in the south side to increase family stability.  

Specifically, the collaborative is focused on the driving  results within the areas of housing, income mobility, and health.  In order to realize a strong, stable community, a South Side Income Mobility Work Group is being convened to ensure working south side residents have high-paying jobs that allow them to support their families, avoid benefit gaps, and work towards a financially secure future. This group will come together to help develop and implement strategies that will ultimately improve income mobility in the south side. Brad Lamone-Vice President of Workforce Develop will serve as a co-chair for the South Side Income Mobility Work Group.

In the early 1960’s, Engineered Profiles became a part of the south side community and have proudly provided careers to thousands of south side residents. Our mission statement is to make Engineered Profiles irresistible to our associates, customers and community. We are excited to participate in this program and to continue our long time support our neighbors on the south side.