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Light Weight Parts

20 September 2018- 7 min read


Today’s world demands lighter parts that can make the difference in the performance of your products. Consumer products can use a lighter part for a more ergonomic experience. 

Automotive products allow lighter parts to make a more fuel efficient machine. Building products benefit from light weight parts for a more cost effective component. Plastics are a fantastic way to light weight your components with exciting technologies. Let’s look at foam and multi-hollow profiles.

One of the most efficient ways to remove weight from a part is to remove material. Developing a part with strategic cavities inside it allows designers to significantly reduce the weight of whatever component will be going into the finished product. Finding an custom profile extrusion manufacturer who has experience with multi-hollow profiles, like Engineered Profiles, is an important part of making sure the final product is a high quality component.

Alternatively foaming plastic is an excellent way to maintain structural characteristics while reducing the density of a profile. In a foam extrusion, gas is introduced into the polymer in a variety of ways creating a cellular structure throughout the product. Tiny gas bubbles are distributed evenly reducing the total quantity of polymer in the final component.

Both technologies can be combined with a wide variety of other extrusion technologies such as co-extrusion or composite materials. The result is a light weight component that can meet the complex requirements of the current market place.