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Empowering Employees To Recognize Each Other

05 March 2019- 8 min read


Employee of the month and year programs are a common workplace incentive program to inspire everyone to work towards being the best they can be. These types of programs are typically ways that management can recognize outstanding performance in employees.

 However, management doesn’t always get to see all the outstanding moment every associate has during the typical course of work. That’s why Engineered Profiles took a different approach to their Employee of the Quarter recognition program. The recipients of this award are nominated by the employees themselves.

There have been 8 employees awarded the recognition since the program began in 2017, with 7 nominees in the last quarter alone. Each employee has been from a wide variety of areas in the operational structure of Engineered Profiles. To receive the award someone must be nominated with an explanation as to why they have been nominated. The Employee Engagement Committee then makes a determination for who has gone above and beyond the normal call of duty. During the quarterly company update that employee is recognized by their peers as well as given an award for their outstanding performance. This employee is further recognized on a wall in the cafeteria, which was recently remodeled with added amenities for the benefit of production employees. The program has been an outstanding success.

Engineered Profiles believes that recognizing the work that it takes to get the highest quality parts delivered to the customers on time takes very special people. It is the mission of Engineered Profiles to be an irresistible company to not only its customers and community, but also the work force that makes it one of the leading custom profile extruders in the United States. Making sure we recognize those who do the work is just one way we are succeeding in that mission.