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Research & Development Team Announced

Engineered Profiles Dedicates Resources to the Future with R&D Team Engineered Profiles is excited to announce the creation of a dedicated Research & Development team.  This move marks a return to the historical leaps forward in technology the company has made in its 70+ year history.  This team will be focused on exploring new material […]

Smart 50 Business Award

Engineered Profiles congratulates our President, Mike Davis, on being honored as one of this year’s Smart 50 business leaders.  Each year Smart Business Magazine celebrates a diverse group of leaders throughout the Columbus area.   Mike joins some of the top business leaders in the region all being recognized for advancements in their businesses as well […]

Supply Chain Partnerships Make Better Brands

A supply chain is a fragile ecosystem that is the lifeblood of any manufacturing organization.  The larger a company becomes the more complex and important that supply chain becomes as well.  A supply chain partner that can rise to the challenge makes the difference between becoming a trusted brand and another empty spot on the […]

Women Breaking The Mold

Every year for more than a decade Plastics News has done a special report on women in the plastics processing industry. This marks the third year that they have profiled individuals who make important contributions to the field, and have so far reported on 74 women.  This year Engineered Profiles is proud to have four […]

Adam Wachter CFO of The Year Finalist

Congratulations to Adam Wachter for being one of four finalists for the Plastics News CFO of the Year award.  Adam joined Engineered Profiles in 2013 as the CFO. Since joining the company he has become a key player on the management team and a driver of professional and personal growth for everyone on his team.  […]

Continuous Energy Improvement

When running a manufacturing company the cost of raw material is usually the first thing on a person’s mind.  The cost of energy is almost always an afterthought.  Most people assume the lights will always turn on, the wall socket will charge their phone, and electricity will always be at our very beck and call.  […]

Replacing Wood With PVC Extrusions

Wood is everywhere, it’s a cheap renewable resource that humans have relied on for centuries.  That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best material for the job.  PVC is being used more often to replace wood because it’s water resistant, durable, and highly recyclable.  The future of wood is plastic.  Right now we are living in […]

Modern Era Quality Plastic Extrusion Operations

Having a robust Quality process is a key part of being a plastics manufacturer for customers with a high cost of failure in their supply chain.  Consistently producing complex profiles requires a Quality process that is simple yet thorough.  Engineered Profiles Engineers have implemented an electronic solution that ties into the existing ERP (Enterprise Resource […]

Engineered Profiles Wins Plastics News Excellence Award

Engineered Profiles is honored to be this year’s recipient of the Plastics News Employee Relations Excellence Award.  The announcement was made at a dinner during the Plastics News Executive Forum conference in Naples Florida.  Engineered Profiles has worked hard during the last year to develop a new training program with an eye towards improving the […]