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Empowering Employees To Recognize Each Other

05 March 2019- 7 min read

Employee of the month and year programs are a common workplace incentive program to inspire everyone to work towards being the best they can be. These types of programs are typically ways that management can recognize outstanding performance in employees.

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Women Breaking The Mold Panelist

24 October 2018- 4 min read

October 23rd Plastics News featured its second Women Breaking The Mold conference. In July of 2017 Engineered Profiles had four associates profiled by Plastics News during its continuing coverage of women in the Plastics Industry. 

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Columbus Works Service Award

19 October 2018- 4 min read

Engineered Profiles is proud to announce that one of its employees has recently received a one year service award for their participation in the Columbus Works program. The award was presented to Bill at the Fairwood Avenue facility by Beth Gifford, the president and CEO of Columbus Works.

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Light Weight Parts

20 September 2018- 6 min read

Today’s world demands lighter parts that can make the difference in the performance of your products. Consumer products can use a lighter part for a more ergonomic experience. 

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2018 HR Excellence Awards Finalist

07 August 2018- 6 min read

Engineered Profiles is proud to announce that our Vice President of Workforce Development, Brad Lamone, was named a finalist in the HR Excellence Awards from Columbus CEO Magazine. Brad was chosen as a finalist in the Innovation division of the awards.

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The Best Parts Require The Best Tools

27 July 2018- 10 min read

Talk to any craftsman and they will tell you that their finished product is hard work, practice, and making sure you have the right tool for the job. Producing finished components for an OEM is no different. 

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AZEK® Building Products Announces New White Color for its DrySpace™ System

26 June 2018- 14 min read

What follows below is a re-print of a press release put out on June 20th 2018 by AZEK® Building Products.

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Non-Contact Measurement – More Precision Through Hands Off Approach

23 May 2018- 8 min read

In the demanding world of manufacturing; how you measure your parts can be one of the most challenging opportunities to overcome.  There are dozens of different ways to measure the same part and if the results are not consistent, your parts may not interact well with parts from another supplier.  

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Employee Engagement Leads To Cafeteria Remodel

27 April 2018- 10 min read

Employee engagement is a serious area of focus at Engineered Profiles (we recently won an award for it). Without our work force we couldn’t deliver high quality parts to our customers. 

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Innovation Workforce Visionary Award

02 April 2018- 8 min read

Engineered Profiles is proud to employ an incredible team of associates. It is a point of pride for the company that we are able to employ and support members of the community. 

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South Side Income Mobility Work Group

16 March 2018- 5 min read

Columbus’ south side has and continues to be a beacon of opportunity and yet, like many urban neighborhoods, is facing several challenges.  To improve the lives and well-being for our residents, South Side Thrive Collaborative (SSTC) has been formed with the goal of integrating and strengthening the many efforts, programs, and initiatives occurring in the south side to increase family stability.  

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Post-Industrial Recycled Material: Where Does It Come From & Where Does It Go?

27 February 2018- 7 min read

Recycled content is something we see on products all over the market place today. It’s not uncommon to see the percentage of the recycled content on a product printed somewhere on the label. The question is where does that recycled content come from? 

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Energy Efficiency Progress

31 January 2018- 6 min read

Efficiency is something companies all over the world strive for. The more efficient your operation the better you can serve your customers. Engineered Profiles frequently looks internally to improve practices and processes in an effort to become the most efficient plastics processor we can be. 

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Smart 50 Business Award

27 September 2017- 3 min read

Engineered Profiles congratulates our President, Mike Davis, on being honored as one of this year’s Smart 50 business leaders.  Each year Smart Business Magazine celebrates a diverse group of leaders throughout the Columbus area. 

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Supply Chain Partnerships Make Better Brands

28 August 2017- 9 min read

A supply chain is a fragile ecosystem that is the lifeblood of any manufacturing organization.  The larger a company becomes the more complex and important that supply chain becomes as well.  A supply chain partner that can rise to the challenge makes the difference between becoming a trusted brand and another empty spot on the shelf.

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