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Recycling PVC

18 May 2016- 9 min read


The plastics industry often gets a bad name in regards to the environment.  Every other day there seems to be an article published about how much plastic is ending up in landfills, or simply dumped in the ocean to the detriment of our environment.  

At Engineered Profiles we view this problem from a different angle.  The truth of the matter is that a plastics manufacturer can not only make high quality products, but can also be a good steward of the environment.  That is why Engineered Profiles has worked so hard to incorporate a wide variety of recycled PVC materials into it’s operation.  It makes for greener extrusions in more ways than one.

Actively seeking new business that can accommodate recycled plastics is not just good for the environment, it’s also an excellent business decision.  Post industrial recycled PVC is available in huge quantities and at significantly reduced costs to virgin compound.  While recycled materials will never match the same performance standards as virgin compound, the cost savings for customers can add up when looking towards wood and metal replacement applications.  These reduced costs act as a gateway to applications where polymers were previously considered too expensive.

In order to make sure that these environmentally friendly material sources are available to it’s customers, Engineered Profiles has spent a tremendous amount of time and energy towards developing it’s sources for this recycled PVC.  Our suppliers bring the same attention to quality, that marks Engineered Profiles an industry leader, to their operation.  This ensures a clean and steady supply stream.  In the last five years Engineered Profiles has become a net consumer of post industrial recycled materials.  In that time frame EP has consumed not only it’s internal materials, but kept over 25 million additional pounds of plastic out of land fills.  Producing parts from recycled materials is good for business and good for the planet.