Research & Development Team Announced

Engineered Profiles Dedicates Resources to the Future with R&D Team

Engineered Profiles is excited to announce the creation of a dedicated Research & Development team.  This move marks a return to the historical leaps forward in technology the company has made in its 70+ year history.  This team will be focused on exploring new material options and technologies to fuel growth and provide customers with access to new products and services not found in the industry today.

Engineered Profiles has a long history of creating innovative solutions to a variety of challenges.  This was the case when one of the first vinyl siding dies was built in its shop, and this company tradition continues with advances in 3D Printing, recycled material innovation, and alternative material applications.  The new team will be headed by Vick Dhanapal the current VP of Technology and Engineering.  The Research & Development team will continue to assist current plant operations while exploring new frontiers in markets, materials and technology.  In the short term, current customers can expect new opportunities for product enhancement.  In the long term, look for exciting news to emerge from the Engineered Profiles Research and Development team.

Engineered Profiles is a plastic extrusion manufacturer based in Columbus, OH.  A recognized leader in the plastics processing, Engineered Profiles has developed many of the innovations that are now standard practice in the industry.  Engineered Profiles has been a valued supplier solving the problems of original equipment manufacturers for more than 70 years.  For more information contact Erik Tait, Marketing Coordinator.