PRODUCT: Challenging Environment

A government contractor had a design for a semi-rigid floor that could be deployed quickly, and would stand up to the rigorous requirements of the United States Military.


Take the current design and make it easier to deploy as well as manufacture. One of the requirements was to keep sand away from any delicate electronics on that would be required for continued operations. The part needed to be lightweight and durable as well as work in a variety of environments.


Engineered Profiles engineers devised a unique profile that allowed the parts to interlock and move around one another to roll up without letting debris through. This design required no flexible pieces. A second design using larger planks was developed, and a durable composite material was used in a second part to allow the new design to fold up like an accordion.


Our materials lab blended ABS plastic so the part would be strong enough to handle 500 psi while still being lightweight. Both designs have been used extensively by the United States military during the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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